Always organic for the right reasons

Here are the six principles behind our thoughts and actions.

Highest organic quality for baby food
Holle is a Demeter pioneer in the making of baby food. Around 80% of our products carry the Demeter seal and guarantee organic quality at the highest level.

Organic and biodynamic
Whenever possible, we use raw materials from biodynamic agriculture. The manufacture of baby food is already subject to very strict guidelines. We achieve our especially high quality standard through the interplay of organic and biodynamic cultivation of our raw materials, as well as care in their processing.

Holistic nutrition
Infant and children have special requirements when it comes to their diet. They need simplicity in terms of ingredients that meet their nutrition needs without artificial additives.


Natural range
We selected raw materials harvested seasonally and locally in the highest quality.

Holle is one of the oldest baby food manufacturers in Europe. Until today, it is still run as a traditional European family business, focusing on quality more than quantity.

Sustainability and appreciation
Sustainable management from the source of the raw materials to the finished product is our company philosophy. Appreciating the work done and the workers themselves is also very important to us. We maintain long-term relationships with our partners’ farms characterised by transparency, exchange, and fair prices.