Our Quality

Our Quality

Holle offers a wide range of Demeter products like porridges, formula milks including goats milk nutrition, rusks or baby food jars from the first vegetables to junior menus. Since the very beginning, over 80 years ago, we have focused on naturalness and the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers are strictly prohibited without any compromises. Today we are still using only raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards for our baby food : The basis for the special quality in the Holle baby food.

The production for the Holle baby formula milks and baby porridges takes place in Germany. Our production lines are modern using the newest technology and are ISO certified. The grain used for our formula milks and porridges grows in healthy soil on Demeter certified biodynamic farms in Germany. Additional we are only buying in rice from Italy and millet grain from Hungary.

Because we have your child in mind we are only.

Using Demeter grains from organic farmers with whom we have a long-term established and trustful relationship.

The milk we are using for the Holle Organic milk formulas is produced in organic farms in south Germany. For our baby food jars we are using exclusively organic fruit and vegetables and meat from either biodynamic or organic agriculture. This ensures the best quality, tasty and full of nutrition which are so important for babies and children.