Holle Organic Apple & Carrot Bar (from 12 months)

A perfect finger food to complement the Organic Baby Spelt Biscuits and Baby Spelt Rusks. Made of organic apple, carrot and spelt. Firm enough to handle but without being tough to bite.


Holle Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bar combines apples and carrots with nutritious cereals to produce a tasty snack bar that is filling and gives an energy boost, yet is naturally low in sugar. Sandwiched between two very thin spelt wafers so that little fingers don’t get sticky, it is firm enough to handle but without being tough to bite – it tastes simply delicious. Naturally sweet enough to give toddlers a healthy treat or snack while keeping enough of the tang of the real fruit so that your child develops a love for the taste of the real thing too – superb!

Suitable for baby from 12 months old.