Holle Organic Banana Milk Porridge (from 6 months)

Mild fruity flavor. Quick to prepare, just boil water and stir in the Milk Cereal with Banana. Easily digestible. Prevent constipation.

Holle Organic Banana Milk Porridge has a mild fruity flavor that babies just love. Satisfyingly filling but still easy to digest as the starch is already broken down. Ideal as a nighttime porridge and to get babies used to a spoon and a new diet.

It is made from 99% premium organic ingredients. The porridge is already mixed with Holle demeter grade milk, saving you the trouble to prepare the infant formula separately to mix with the porridge.

Your babies will love the natural sweetness of the banana. It together with the cereal provides lots of energy for growth and development. Additionally, banana contains pectin, a soluble fiber that ‘keeps things moving’ through the digestive system and prevents constipation.

The wholegrains used in Holle porridges are in an easily digestible form, which is particularly suitable for babies. The goodness of the grain is gently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for your baby’s growing body. Using the wholegrain means we can retain the most nutrients.

Suitable for baby from 6 months old.