Holle Organic Semolina Porridge (from 6 months)

Made with highest quality organic durum wheat. Easily digestible. High in protein and potassium, keep your baby satisfy.

Holle Organic Semolina Porridge is made from biodynamically grown pure wheat. After your baby has tried the grains rice, millet, oats and spelt – semolina is another single grain to include in your baby’s diet during the weaning time.

Semolina is made from durum wheat and has a low glycemic index, meaning that it is digested slowly and therefore satiates your baby’s hunger. It is a high-protein food and high on potassium (important for kidney function) as well as zinc and magnesium (both among others promoting healthy bones and nervous system).

The wholegrains used in Holle Porridges are in an easily digestible form, which is particularly suitable for babies. The goodness of the grain is gently unlocked with heat and moisture ready for your baby’s growing body. Using the wholegrain means we can retain the most nutrients.

Suitable for baby from 6 months old.