What is demeter?

Demeter is the trademark for products from biodynamic farming. Only strictly controlled contract partners may use the Demeter symbol. 

The Demeter standard goes far beyond the requirements of controlled organic farming. In Demeter farming, each farm is considered as an organic whole. Demeter farmers reject the use of pesticides and herbicides as adamantly as they reject genetic engineering. 

What makes Demeter so special?

  • natural cycle management without exploitation of the soil
  • quality instead of quantity
  • animal welfare
  • avoiding animal hormones and growth regulators
  • natural manures and rejection of all chemical herbicides and pesticides
  • no chemical additives during processing

We care about our animals.

Animals are reared in conditions appropriate to the species. The cows live in small herds, able to go out to graze on a regular basis, only fed with organic feed with plenty of hay and green fodder, mostly from the farm itself. This makes the cows robust and full of vigor. They are allowed to keep their horns. According to Demeter farmers, keeping the horns is important for the digestion of feed and thus affects the quality of the milk. That’s why Demeter cow’s milk is of the highest quality and has the best taste.

Holle is the only infant formulas producer that uses Demeter cow milk to produce infant formulas. Our Demeter cow milk comes from certified farms in southern Germany.

To learn more about Demeter, please visit http://www.demeter.net.