Growing up with nature's best.

Organic baby food of the highest quality.

Infant Formulas

Contain high-quality cow’s or goat’s milk with Demeter quality whenever possible.

Baby Porridges

Made from full grain kernel so that the natural vitamins, minerals, and fibre are retained.

Baby Pouches

Made from the best Demeter quality fruit and vegetables that meet the needs of babies and small children.

Baby Snacks

Available in many delicious flavours that are easy to hold for the littlest hands, ideals for between meals and on the go.


For more than 85 years, Holle has been manufacturing baby food that meets the highest demands in term of organic quality. As the first Demeter manufacturer for baby food, we follow a holistic approach whose goal is the well-being of mankind and nature alike.

What is Demeter?

Holle is a Demeter pioneer in the manufacture of baby food. Around 80% of our products carry the Demeter seal and guarantee organic quality at the highest level. Wherever possible, we use raw materials from biodynamic agriculture.

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