Holle has been a pioneer of biodynamic baby products since 1934 and offers baby food of the highest organic quality. As the first Demeter manufacturer of baby and infant food, we embrace a holistic approach and assume responsibility for people, nature and future generations. We are firmly committed to the philosophy of ‘Sustainable from the beginning’ and try to improve every single day in order to ensure that our little ones grow up healthily today and can look forward to a positive future tomorrow.

Pioneering spirit meets Swiss origins

The history of Holle began over 85 years ago in the Swiss town of Arlesheim. Founded in 1933, Holle Nährmittel AG was the first biodynamic processor of bread, cereals, grains and baby porridges in Switzerland. Since then, we have established ourselves as a long-standing expert in biodynamic baby and infant nutrition.

From the very outset, we have believed that only by taking a holistic approach can we live up to our corporate responsibility towards people, nature and future generations.  This is why sustainable company management is and always will be our top priority.

‘As a traditional Swiss company and pioneering processor of biodynamic foods, the highest quality and sustainable management lie at our very core.’

Angelo Ferrara, Anne Mutter & Udo Fischer
Holle management board

Today, we are an international company with a presence in over 50 countries and offer a comprehensive range of more than 90 baby and infant products. At the same time, however, we have never forgotten our roots. We have remained loyal to our Swiss origins and continue to be family-owned. Our headquarters are still in Riehen, Switzerland. Rather than holding us back, we see tradition as a firm anchor as we navigate the ever-changing path into the future.

And we are deeply committed to making sure that it will be one that is worth living for our grandchildren. Our motto is ‘Sustainable from the beginning’ and we embrace it in a double sense – we have always used valuable raw ingredients from biodynamic or organic cultivation in order to ensure that our little ones grow up healthily with nature’s best.

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