Only a few vegetable oils contain a high level of saturated fatty acids that is sufficient for infant nutrition. Among these, palm oil occupies a special position, since the other oils in question contain undesirable components. In order to replicate the palmitic acid present in breast milk, which is essential for the baby’s nutrition, palm oil is very suitable.

Domestic oils such as rapeseed and sunflower oil contain predominantly unsaturated fatty acids and are not suitable pure in infant milk formula. They are therefore supplemented by palm oil.

Holle organic palm oil is produced in sustainable cultures in Colombia. Here, the organic palm oil for Holle is produced with social and ecological aspects in mind. The palm oil is grown as permaculture. There is no use of pesticides. For the cultivation of organic oil palms, neither slash-and-burn nor any other removal of primary forest is allowed. Holle’s palm oil is certified by the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil”, which stands for sustainable palm oil production.

Make sure that you prepare the bottle exactly according to the instructions. The milk powder dissolve best at around 50C. In addition, if you don't shake the mixture vigorously enough or for a sufficient time (up to 20 seconds), until foam appears, this can prevent the powder from dissolving.

Holle jars are available in a varied variety from the start of complementary feeding to the transition to family food. The jars are ready to eat immediately – either cold or warm – just as the baby prefers.

Holle naturally does not use binders or antioxidants. Color variations between batches are therefore natural and so it may also happen, depending on the raw product, that liquid is deposited on the product. This may occur and speaks for the naturalness of the product.

To prepare, stir the contents of the jar with a clean spoon. To heat, place the jar in a water bath and stir while boiling, it does not need to be boiled. Then stir in 1 teaspoon of Baby Weaning Oil.  Holle jars can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours after opening and after clean removal with a spoon and resealed.

Holle whole grain cereals go through a manufacturing process that allows the instant flakes no longer need to be heated during preparation.

The whole grain cereal is ground, adding only water to the flour and mixing it well. Then the resulting porridge is immediately heated in the jet-cooker at 60 – 90 °C for 30 – 60 seconds. This makes the raw grain more digestible. The grain-flour mixture is then dried on the roller and then broken into flakes.

The preparation is then simply done according to the package instructions with warm water, so that the flakes can swell better. The porridges can also be prepared with an infant formula or cow’s milk as a milk-cereal porridge. They can be added to a vegetable puree as part of a vegetarian lunch porridge or offered to the baby as an afternoon meal as part of a fruit and cereal porridge.

We have stage 2 infant formula sachets for cow milk and goat milk that we can send to end-users free of charge. We cannot provide stage 1 formula sachets becasue EU law prohibits the production of stage 1 samples.

Additionally, we have a trial program that offers a 25% discount to our infant formulas for the first order. If you are interested in our trial program, please call us at 3188 3740 or email to info@hago-group.com.

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